piraeus bank

Water Saving

Dual flow flushing systems have been installed at Piraeus Bank branches that opened after 2005, while with the help of the GREENbanking4Life project, installation of controlled time-limited flow taps began on a pilot basis at the new branches and the Administration buildings. Such switches are installed at each branch under renovation, aimed at limiting unnecessary water use. Moreover, at every branch where energy management system (BEMS) is implemented, there will be water consumption gauge, thus allowing for monitoring the total water consumption at each branch in real time.

Piraeus Bank acknowledges that water scarcity is a pressing environmental problem in the Cycladic Islands and for this reason it has supported the traditional Cycladic water saving technique i.e. collection of rainwater. Traditionally, many houses in the Cyclades used their flat roof as an open reservoir for harvesting rainwater, which was connected to pipes leading to a second closed reservoir located in a basement or an open area. Water used to be stored in the second reservoir during the rainy season and was used in the summer for various household needs.

A similar but more technologically developed pilot application was implemented at the Piraeus Bank Branch in Kea. Rainwater is collected from the building's flat roof, stored in a reservoir located outside the building and pumped to the WC, where most of the water is consumed.