The role of individual responsibility in collective action

"In our daily work life, most of us know very well how individual actions affect the team. A collective corporate conscience was cultivated; some – the happier ones – in the shape voluntary choice and others – less liberal – in the framework of their contractual obligations. On a daily basis, we “solve” the equation : individual effort + individual effort +…+individual effort = collective result..
What happens, though, in our personal life, which is not a “race”? Where we win no “points” for participating in global prosperity? I guess it is not as clear how many “points” we win for our individual action on the environment, the economy, peace of mind, health, aesthetics, the virtue of law-abidance, culture, and the spread of positive energy.

In spite of all this, these actions have multiple benefits of joy and bliss, perhaps more for those who make them than those who benefit from them. Perhaps because they still believe in the wonderfully romantic, child-like idea that ”one man can make the difference”. And the ways to do this, many: from simple daily courtesy towards our fellow human beings and the environment to our more organized participation in volunteer and charity groups. It’s true, we won’t save the world. But surely acting is much more fun than just letting ourselves be spectators to the developments around us.

And you never know, by having fun, something might change…"

Andromahi Diamandopoulou

Branch Manager