ëv-lease: electric vehicles through leasing from Piraeus Bank

Through Piraeus Leasing, Piraeus Bank created and offers an innovative and environmentally friendly product that supports zero-emissions transport, enabling interested parties to acquire or use electric vehicles through leasing (ëv-lease). In this way, Piraeus Leasing, the top company in the sector, with a market share of close to 40%, is actively contributing to expanding electric-powered road transport, which is intrinsic to the transition towards a sustainable low-emissions economy.

The small environmental footprint of electric transport, in combination with the use of renewable energy sources, contributes to the achievement of the Paris Agreement goals for responding to climate change and the European Union goal of climate neutrality by 2050, as described in the 2019 Green Deal.

In this way, Piraeus Bank puts into practice its commitment to the Principles of Responsible Banking, transparently implementing ESG principles in its banking procedures that take into account environmental protection and society’s support.

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ëv-loan: Electric vehicle financing from Piraeus Bank

Firmly committed to maximising harmonisation with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement, Piraeus Bank has added its ëv-loan to the framework of “green” financing tools it has developed. This specialized financing programme supports the electric car market, with the aim of promoting electric-powered transportation in Greece.

Through Piraeus Bank’s ëv-loan, interested parties can acquire electric passenger vehicles at favourable pricing and loan terms.

The creation and provision of ëv-loan reflects Piraeus Bank’s commitment to incorporating the Principles of Responsible Banking into all of its financing, transparently implementing ESG principles – which concern environmental protection and support of society – in its banking procedures.

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