Electronic Banking

e-loan on-line loan from Piraeus Bank

Piraeus Bank remains strategically oriented towards digital transformation, with a view to continuously improving the products and services it provides, offering its customer high value-added digital solutions.

A pioneer in technological issues and digital services, in 2018 Piraeus Bank became the first in the Greek banking market to provide a unique and innovative product: e-loan by winbank. This new product introduced the provision of consumer loans via e-banking, through easy and fast procedures that do not require the customer’s presence.

Through e-loan, customers submit their applications electronically, digitally sign the agreement, and withdraw loans easily, quickly and securely from their own space and at the time of their choosing.

winbank pay

In line with its commitment to providing high-quality services, Piraeus Bank capitalizes on new technologies that simplify and continuously improve the speed of daily transactions, at the same time providing maximum security for users.

In this context, and with the goal of limiting the use of cash, especially during the pandemic, Piraeus Bank created and offers the winbank pay service, which enables users to carry out their contacts with less daily card-based translations using only their mobile phone, quickly and without carrying cash or cards with them.