Remuneration & Benefits

In Piraeus Group, we reward our people according to their competencies and contribution. Aiming at attracting the most skilled professionals in the field and encouraging their personal development in the Group, we offer a competitive remuneration package. Piraeus Group provides incentives and rewards -ethically and materially- employees that contribute to Group’s development in a distinctive way.

We monitor trends and labor market evolvement in our sector, so as to ensure competitive compensation and benefits packages. We apply equal opportunities policy, without discrimination in basic salary for men and women, both in levels of hierarchy and in the age groups. Employee remuneration package is defined by the following parameters:

We offer equal opportunities, without discrimination in the basic salary of men and women, in the levels of hierarchy or in age groups. The parameters which define employee remuneration are:

  • Job role
  • Level of responsibility
  • Skills and competencies
  • Work experience
Employees’ professional development, contribution and performance also upgrade the level of their remuneration.

It should be noted that executives’ remuneration as well as incentive schemes are structured taking also into account the principles against excessive risk taking and against short-term profit pursuit at the expense of long-term goal achievement.


We encourage high performance levels and work efficiency of talented employees, thus we recognize and reward any extra effort. The evaluation process is clearly defined and based on objective criteria.

We apply special reward schemes, in terms of short-term as well as long-term rewarding. These schemes are structured in a way that promotes both individual and team effort. Along with efficiency, we also reward employee contribution in other fields, such as:

  • Innovative ideas/actions
  • Integrity
  • Social responsibility
  • Exceptional professional attitude


Along with basic remuneration, we also offer social benefits, allowances and privileges, such as:

  • Group Insurance Scheme covering medical expenses and hospitalization as well as life, accident and permanent disability insurance.
  • Extra paid leave for disabled employees and employees having children or wife with disability, as well as, in case of maternity and children hospital care
  • Additional paid leave for maternity leave and working mothers.
  • Nursery allowance
  • One-off benefit for employees with several children
  • Benefit for disabled employees and employees having children with disability
  • Privileged pricing in Piraeus Bank products