piraeus financial holdings

Gender Equality

In Piraeus Bank it is a top priority to provide a modern work environment, where all our employees can perform and grow. It values accountability and celebrates high performance, while instills a workplace culture that embraces open communication, respect, inclusion and equal opportunities. In this context, a new leadership model was introduced in 2022 to strengthen our corporate culture, defined through 3 leadership principles:

  • Different views unite, when expressed openly | Diversity & Inclusion, Open and Trusting Environment
  • Development of our people, the key priority| People Development, Talent Retention
  • Technology driven business with our people at the core| Digitization & Automation, Simplification

Gender equality in the workplace is an on going process to create alignment from top management as well as large scale employee engagement. Our action planning consists of initiatives to challenging gender stereotypes, self-improvement and self-care initiatives and developmental work initiatives, as well as establishing a reporting framework of several metrics.