Group’s Activities


Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A. is a financial holdings company, listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, and the parent company of the banking institution “Piraeus Bank S.A.”.

Additionally, Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A., as the parent company of the Piraeus Group, holds 100% of the company "Piraeus Agency Solutions Single-Member Societe Anonyme for the Provision of Insurance Products’ Distribution Services and Financial Services” and the Ukrainian bank "JSC PIRAEUS BANK ICB", while it maintains activities relating to:

  • the mediation and distribution of insurance products, the provision of insurance consulting services and insurance indemnities to third parties and companies of the Piraeus Group, as well as the research, study and analysis of insurance issues,
  • the provision of specialized share registry services to domestic and/or foreign legal entities and other entities and companies and
  • the provision of financial advisory services.

In addition, Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A. as a listed company on the Athens Stock Exchange, maintains information and investor relations services, as well as share registry services.