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Online Banking by Piraeus Bank

MPS: The use of Managed Printing Services (MPS) to manage documents and printouts is implemented in Administration Buildings. In 2020, the Bank avoided printing more than 4,743,371 pages (approximately 22% of total printouts requested).

ATM receipts: In 2020, ATM transactions, without printing a receipt, exceeded 60,086,681.

e-Signature: The e-Signature service (electronic signature for documents and contracts) is available in branches since 2016 and their target along with MPS is to reduce the consumption and cost of printed paper.

Electronic means of transaction: Through the use of electronic banking (Easy pay, Internet, Phone & Mobile Banking) more than 897 tonnes of paper were not consumed.

Paperless Cashier: The service is available in branches and combines the e-Signature with digital filing. In 2020, about 22,000,000 transactions took place via Paperless Cashier, categorized as follows in terms of printing status:

   e-Signature transactions 2020

One printed copy for the customer (A4) No printed copy
17,763,000 4,337,000