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Information and awareness initiative on food waste

Food loss is a global issue with humanitarian, financial and environmental dimensions. As part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the UN has agreed on the reduction of the food waste produced. In Greece there are initiatives for raising awareness of food waste, which are directed at both consumers and the operators in the agrifood chain.

Piraeus Bank seeks to promote the issue of food waste and to raise awareness among producers through the special issue of the EPI GIS magazine, in which articles and studies by researchers and experts describe the extent of the problem and the efforts being made to deal with it. Food losses are related to all stages of the supply chain: primary production, storage, transport, standardisation, retail and the consumer.

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Information and awareness initiative on proper water management in the agricultural sector

Access to clean water for all is one of the greatest challenges and a goal of the United Nations for sustainable development in the future. The role of agriculture in water management is a multidimensional issue and has to be approached holistically. Agriculture is considered to be the largest “consumer” of water, since approximately 70% of water reserves is used for irrigation.

Responsible and sustainable water management is and will remain a key challenge for the future. Everybody’s goal should be to ensure that the relevant needs are covered with the “tools” available, without endangering future generations and their ability to meet their own needs.

In the special issue of the EPI GIS magazine, Piraeus Bank seeks to draw attention to all current issues related to water management in Greece’s Agriculture. In this issue, experts, academics, researchers and specialists on the various aspects of the subject present their views and share their knowledge.

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Information and awareness initiative on rational use of plant protection products

Rational use of plant protection products is important for the health of producers and consumers, and for the environment as well and can be valuable tool in the hands of producers for the production of high-quality products.

With the strategic goal of supporting the agrifood sector, Piraeus Bank also emphasises the rational use of plant protection products. For this reason, Piraeus Bank created a useful guide on sustainable and safe use of plant protection products in the form of a DVD, under the scientific supervision of the American Farm School, aiming to protect the farmer that uses them, the environment and the end consumer. This guide is a tool for facilitating comprehension of the guidelines for implementation of rational use of plant protection products and is not intended just for farmers, but for concerned consumers as well, and it can be watched on Piraeus Bank’s website.

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