Monitoring and Analysis of Environmental Legislation and Case -Law

The subject-specific Database on Environmental Legislation and Case Law (DEL&CL) that has been developed by Piraeus Bank constitutes an innovative tool for legal research and analysis. The DEL&CL provides a systematic framework for organizing specialized legal support to the implementation of Piraeus Bank Group’s Environmental Policy, compliance with applicable environmental legal requirements and the proactive response to the developments in the regulatory framework.

The DEL&CL includes the necessary legal information and documentation as well as numerous legal opinions on specific implementation issues. The main pillars of the Database consist of:

  • General obligations and trends of the law for the environment and sustainable development
  • Provisions for preventing and reducing operational environmental impacts
  • The legal framework related to the wide-ranging actions undertaken by the Bank to mitigate its business environmental impacts
  • Detailed and explanatory content lists.

Thus, the DEL&CL covers a very broad field of thematic issues, ranging from the contribution of EMAS implementation actions to achieving Sustainable Development Goals to the disclosure of information on climate related measures and programmes implemented by financial institutions. The DEL&CL has been developed and is constantly updated by a specialized lawyer, legal advisor on environmental law issues; the Database is also presented in the Guide of UNEP FI "Guide to Banking and Sustainability" (2016), Edition 2 (pg.41), as practice illustration of the legal approach towards promoting compliance with environmental legislation.