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Communication & Education on sustainability issues

Ιnforming and raising awareness among staff and the public in general with respect to sustainable development is a priority for Piraeus Bank. Managerial measures alone are not sufficient enough to improve the Bank's environmental performance. Educating and raising awareness among employees is a primary requirement.


Environmental education for employees is done mainly through e-learning courses. The e-learnings promote key environmental concepts, highlighting their linkage with the economy and society, and showcase the Bank’s environmental work. On a second level, education is more specialized and it concerns green entrepreneurship, the Bank’s green products and the Environmental Management System procedures in accordance with EMAS.

Green News

"Green News" have been uploaded since 2008 to the Group's intranet. All employees are informed on a monthly basis, on topics concerning biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development.

Environmental awareness

A survey on employee’s environmental behavior is conducted every two years, through a questionnaire which is voluntarily completed. The results of the survey are analyzed by an independent consultant.

In addition, to reward the best environmental performance within the Bank, a recycling and energy saving competition "Green behavior wins!" has been launched since 2010 on an annual basis. The winners receive small environmentally friendly gifts.

Special Publications

Since 2006, Piraeus Bank has been reporting its environmental work through its annual Sustainable Development & Activities Report. In the context of the European project LIFE (GreenBanking4Life), the first "Corporate Environmental Report" was issued in 2009, while a "Guide of Green Practices for Enterprises" was distributed to 75,000 small and medium enterprises. Since 2010 and on an annual basis, the “Group’s Environmental Statement” has been issued, providing all data from the Bank's Environmental Management System, which certified according to EMAS.

In 2011, in the framework of the European project climabiz, the report "Greek Businesses and Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities" and the study "Climate Change and Business Opportunities" on the opportunities arising from climate change for businesses in Greece, were issued.

In 2018, three technical guides were produced within the context of the European project LIFE-Stymfalia: "Technical Guide for Sustainable Financing of protected sites", "Technical Guide for Monitoring of bird species and habitats of Lake Stymphalia" and "Technical Guide for Reed Bed Management of Lake Stymphalia". In addition, a special study entitled "Mapping, assessment and economic valuation of ecosystem services, as the basis for decision-making for the integrated management of the Stymphalia lake protected area" was completed.

For the first time, in 2019, the Piraeus Bank Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Fact Sheet was issued. This comprehensive version presents the governance’s structure of sustainability in the Bank, the value created by the Bank towards Greek society, key performance indicators of the Bank's Corporate Responsibility pillars, as well as the Bank's participation in the formation of the Principles for Responsible Banking under UNEP FI.

Environmental websites and social media

Through the European projects implemented over the last 12 years, three websites were launched: lifestymfalia.gr, climabiz.gr and Green Banking portal (www.greenbanking.gr).

Piraeus bank has a strong presence in the most popular social media (Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Flickr), where sustainability news are frequently posted (https://www.piraeusbank.gr/el/idiwtes/unep-fi/ ). Finally, following the launch of the Bank’s blog in 2019, articles referring to current environmental issues, as well as general issues on sustainable development are uploaded on a monthly basis (https://blog.piraeusbank.gr/).