Piraeus Leasing S.M.S.A.

Piraeus Leasing S.M.S.A. conducts all leasing activities of Piraeus Bank Group in Greece, occupying a leading position in the Greek leasing market.

Supporting the company’s clients and generally the Piraeus Bank Group’s clients has been a main target of Piraeus Leasing. With the corporate transformation completed in 2022, the company has strengthened capital and organizationally and using modern digital means, is the leader in financing the professional needs of businesses, emphasizing the provision of personalized solutions.

It adopts the ESG investment philosophy (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance), proving in practice its responsibility towards the environment, society, corporate governance and sustainability in general.

At the same time the company is running a program of saving resources and improving productivity, which has as a result the constant reduction of its operational expenses. The company is expected to move towards the same direction in the coming years with central axes the support to its clients, the utilisation of every capability of healthy development, the further control of expenses and the improvement of its operations.