piraeus bank

The sustainability structure of Piraeus Bank Group

The Corporate Responsibility Committee has the overall coordination of the Group’s corporate responsibility. The CEO, as chair of the Corporate Responsibility Committee, has the overview of sustainability issues. The Executive Committee is informed and decides, while the Board of Directors sets the general framework.

Since 2004, a dedicated business unit coordinates the Bank’s environmental work, which from 2019 as the Sustainability Unit, part of Corporate Responsibility & Internal Communication, continues to promote sustainability aspects in economy, society, environment and employees. The Sustainability Unit is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking. The Corporate Responsibility & Internal Communication informs the CEO and the Management on progress regarding corporate responsibility and sustainability. Since 2009, a dedicated unit has been supporting green business, which since 2020 as the Development & Sustainable Banking and Bank Relations unit, part of Corporate & Investment Banking, continues with focus on sustainable banking. The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) through its network of museums is instrumental in the Bank’s support to local communities.

Piraeus Bank is committed to incorporating social, environmental and cultural aspects in its business activities. It undertakes initiatives that go beyond legal requirements with the objective of supporting social wellbeing and sustainable development.

In doing so, the Group engages in regular communication with its stakeholders, in order to meet their expectations and needs and to respond timely to their concerns. Personal data protection, the use of new technologies, human rights, financial inclusion, respect to the environment and culture as factors contributing to sustainable development, as well as issues pertaining to corporate culture, corporate governance, value creation for society, and risk management, constitute strategic priorities for the Group.