piraeus bank

Environmental Policy

Piraeus Bank acknowledges that the principles for sustainable development constitute a fundamental prerequisite for sound entrepreneurship, and thus incorporates environmental criteria in its business procedures and develops strategies aiming to continually improve its environmental performance. Piraeus Bank contributes to tackling the major social and environmental problems facing our planet through designing and implementing actions that target the reduction of its ecological footprint, the support of green business, the management of environmental-climate risk, as well as the conservation of biodiversity.

Piraeus Bank is committed to continually minimizing its operational environmental impacts, by monitoring its environmental performance; setting improvement targets; and by implementing and evaluating environmental management programmes that save energy and water, manage waste, recycle materials, reduce business trips, and promote green procurement. Additionally, the Bank contributes to the protection of the environment through the wide range of e-banking services it provides.

Piraeus Bank has pledged to support green entrepreneurship, and to finance businesses and private individuals who wish to make environmentally-friendly investments, by providing specialized 'green' products-offered under comparatively more favourable terms and conditions. Specifically, Piraeus Bank supports the green fields of renewable energy, energy saving, organic farming, biodiversity conservation, green chemistry, green transportation, water and waste management, environmental restoration, eco-tourism and agritourism. By doing so, Piraeus Bank significantly contributes to the responsible use of natural resources and the retention and/or creation of job positions.

Piraeus Bank incorporates processes and systems that manage environmental and climate risks that may derive from its wide range of business activities (financing-investing). The Bank provides services to help enterprises and private individuals tackle environmental challenges and adapt to climate change. A special emphasis is placed on addressing climate change, through carbon footprint reduction (CO2) and leveraging opportunities that may arise from climate change. Piraeus Bank acknowledges that individual and corporate responsibility constitute the foundations of a sustainable society. Therefore, in order to better implement its environmental policy, Piraeus Bank has pledged to continuously educate its employees; and to inform its customers, shareholders, and the general public about the targets and the performance of its environmental actions that collectively aim at improving the quality of life. Additionally, the Bank supports initiatives of third parties i.e. non-profit agencies, organizations or institutions that generate added value by benefiting both humans and the environment.