Sustainability Timeline

Piraeus Bank co-signed the UNEP FI’s “Declaration of Intent on Energy Efficiency”, recognising that the financial sector has the capability to direct capital flows towards activities and investments that promote energy efficiency.

Piraeus Bank cosigned along with nine other big banks the UNEP FI’s “Positive Impact Manifesto for the Transition to an Inclusive Green Economy”.

Piraeus Bank Group has joined the “Paris Pledge for Action” initiative, launched in the framework of the UN Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21).

Piraeus Bank participates in the development of an EU Community of Practice Finance and Biodiversity (EU CoP F@B).

Piraeus Bank has endorsed the Declaration of Antwerp raising the issue of refocusing the ecosystem services framework on the principles of sustainability and social justice, in the context of European Ecosystem Services Conference 2016.

Management Award in the European Business Awards for the Environment at national level and distinction as one of the top four organizations for Piraeus Bank’s robust Environmental Management System (EMS), certified under EMAS and ISO 14001.

Selection of the climabiz project as one of the 15 Best LIFE Projects in Europe, out of a total of 4,300 projects implemented in the last 25 years.

Piraeus Bank, in the context of LIFE-Stymfalia project, organized the International Conference “Business and Biodiversity in Natura 2000 sites: The way forward”, which has concluded to LIFE-Stymfalia Statement promoting sustainable development in Natura 2000 sites.

Piraeus Bank’s "Energy Office" uses a web-based, real-time, monitoring software, unique in the Greek banking sector. It records the energy and water consumption in some of the Bank’s buildings. It is an innovative environmental program designed to save resources, reduce environmental footprint and operational costs.

Piraeus Bank joined forces with other financial institutions and organizations to participate in the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform (B@B). The goal of the platform is to develop measuring tools, principles and approaches, which incorporate aspects of biodiversity into business practices, as well as to promote optimal business practices at a European level.