e-PPS & e-PPS SEPA Mass Payments Services via File

Piraeus Bank offers its customers the capability of making mass payments and crediting accounts within and outside Piraeus Bank electronically, regardless of currency, amount or destination country.

The e-PPS & e-PPS SEPA service is a modern, efficient and cost-effective alternative solution for customers who have either been making individual payments (branch/winbank), or have been using same-day cheques.

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Online cheque management

Aiming at the continuous improvement of services provided and the provision of digital solutions to its customers, Piraeus Bank offers the Online Cheque Management Service, enabling businesses to automate the collection process and optimise their liquidity management.

The service is intended for businesses that receive a large volume of cheques as a means of payment on credit, for the collection of receivables from their customers.

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Bank in Office

In response to the need for safe and easy management of cash by businesses, Piraeus Bank offers the Bank in Office service. This is an integrated cash management system that enables you to make deposits online around the clock, conveniently from the company's premises.

The Bank in Office service was designed to facilitate and reduce the cash management cycle, from the moment of collection up to when it is deposited in a bank account, and to provide security in terms of managing daily collections. Piraeus Bank places a special machine for depositing banknotes and/or coins at the business’s premises, through which the deposit of cash in a bank account takes place immediately, in real time, by following some very simple steps.

The 24-hour-a-day operation of the service enables the company to gather all its collections in its bank account, without having to transfer them to the Bank.

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