Announcement according to the provisions of article 24 par. 2(a) L.3461/2006

According to the provisions of article 24 paragraph 2(a) of the Law 3461/2006, and further to the 09.02.2023 publication of the mandatory tender offer of Piraeus Bank S.A. to MIG Holdings S.A. (the “Company”) shareholders for the acquisition of the total number of common registered voting shares they hold, Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A., parent entity of Piraeus Bank, notifies that the latter acquired on 15 March 2023 through the Athens Stock Exchange, 4,039,213 shares of the Company, at the price of €0.2170 per share, which equals the mandatory tender offer price. The acquired shares correspond to 0.4299% of the Company’s voting rights.

Following the acquisition, Piraeus Bank holds 548,833,150 ownership rights, corresponding to 58.4169% of the total voting rights of the Company.

Athens, 15 March 2023