Completion of the process for the sale of shares that derived from the aggregation of fractional balances

Further to the announcement dated 16.12.2022, Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A. (“Company”) announces the completion as at 19.12.2022 of the sale of the 7,477 registered ordinary shares that derived from the aggregation of the fractional balances of the shares issued by SUNRISEMEZZ Plc (“SUNRISEMEZZ”) and held by the Company that were distributed to the shareholders of the latter in the context of the Company’s share capital decrease in kind, and of equal value to said capital decrease, at a ratio of 1 share of SUNRISEMEZZ for every 7 shares of the Company that the shareholders of the Company held on the below mentioned record date, as resolved at the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company’s shareholders held on 22.07.2022.

The final net proceeds from the sale amount to €806.54. Beneficiaries of the sale proceeds are the shareholders of the Company who were registered in the Dematerialized Securities System (the “DSS”) of the Athens Exchange on 26.10.2022 (record date).

The payment of the attributable amount to the beneficiaries from the sale proceeds will be made on Tuesday, 03.01.2023 by the paying bank “PIRAEUS BANK S.A.” ("Paying Bank"), as follows: 

1. Through the Participants of the beneficiaries in the DSS (Banks and investments firms) in accordance with the applicable ATHEXCSD rules of operation (Greek Central Securities Depository S.A.) and their relevant decisions.

2. Especially in the case of payment to heirs of deceased beneficiaries whose securities are held in the Special Account of the deceased’s Share in the DSS, under the supervision of ATHEXCSD, the process of payment will be carried out after completion of the heirs’ legalisation, through the branch network of the Paying Bank.

3. In addition, in the event that beneficiaries held their securities through a credit institution/investment firm that has been placed in special liquidation, the payment of the amount attributable to them will be made through the Paying Bank's branch network.

For further information, shareholders may contact the Company’s Shareholders' Registry at 9, Mitropoleos Street, GR 105 57 Athens (tel. 210 3288737, 210 3739301 and 210 3335039), during working days and hours.

Athens, 28 December 2022