Professional Development in the Group

At Piraeus Group our people’s development is an integral part of our culture, with many aspects and practical applications.

We want to have the most skilled professionals in the field. This is achieved by skills, knowledge, a suitable environment, encouragement and proper leadership. So we invest consistently in our people’s continuous training using modern methods, specialized learning tools and channels such as eLearning, webinars.

Organizational excellence and continuity constitute our basic values and the development of leaders, who are capable to operate with competency, security, self confidence and efficiency their role, contributing to the achievement of Group’s strategic goals, is directly associated with them.

Thus, a wide range of in-house or outdoor, with the cooperation of distinguished partners, development programs and actions are provided, aiming to the enrichment of managerial knowledge as well as the development and reinforcement of leadership skills and attitudes of our people.

By utilizing modern evaluating systems (annual review, 360° evaluation, executive development centers, specialized psychometric tools), by designing career paths and by identifying and developing talents in the Group, we achieve continual development and progress of our people as well as their commitment to Piraeus Group’s vision.


We emphasize to the continual enforcement and development of Group’s employees, who deliver high performance, through the professional and personal guidance of senior executives - as the Group’s benchmark – with long-term presence and experience.

We aim at the strengthening of our values as well as the enforcement of a continuity, supportive, growth and open communication climate in our organization.