EXODUS creates high quality innovative business software solutions by developing specialized information systems. More specifically:
  • EFS Financial Suite: a Collection& Recovery system to cover all the needs of financial institutions throughout the late payment management cycle, starting from the early pre-collection stage, to soft and hard collection, legal and write-offs.
  • Loan Origination Solution (LOS): an application which combines the possibilities provided by APPIAN BPM Suite with a vertical application for Loan Origination.
  • Securitization: a securitized portfolio management system to manage and monitor securitization of loan products.
  • Scoring: a system to cover Banks’ needs for scoring, which assists in shaping, executing, evaluating, extending, and maintaining risk standards as well as the incorporating the aforementioned in Banks’ operation.
  • e-Banking & e-Payments: solutions to cover an extensive range of inter-bank e-services.