piraeus financial holdings

Financial Markets Activity & Treasury

Piraeus Bank Treasury Division has developed a network of counterparties that consist of many premier global financial institutions and brokers, allowing the Bank to access the International Money and Capital markets.

Through this network, the Bank has established itself as an active market participant for both Trading and Asset Liability Management purposes, as well as for Sales Activities in which the Bank offers a wide range of financial products to its customers. Indicatively, the Bank’s corporate and private clients are offered financial products to meet their needs related to interest rate, foreign exchange, precious metals and commodities (both in spot and forward markets as well as in the derivatives markets).

Piraeus Bank maintains a significant presence in many other countries in the region (Bulgaria, Albania and Ukraine). Treasury offers those subsidiaries a wide range of Treasury products at competitive prices. Within this framework, the Treasury & Financial Markets Division constitutes a reliable partner for many small and medium sized Banks.