Green Financing – Individuals

Green Home Loan

Participating actively in the collective effort to bolster actions leading to reduction in energy footprint and improvement of our planet’s health, Piraeus Bank is offering home loan programs for the purchase, construction or renovation of high energy performance homes.

Through its ‘Green Home’ loans, Piraeus Bank is supporting its ‘Green Home’ customers, by helping to reduce expenses for household cooling and heating and by rewarding them via preferential pricing.

Respect for the planet’s limits and protection of the environment are obligations for all of us!

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“Exoikonomo – Autonomo”

With continuous participation in the ‘Exoikonomisi Kat’ Oikon’ (Energy Saving at Home) program since 2011, Piraeus Bank is supporting the effort to upgrade the country’s aging building stock. In this way, it is also supporting the economy, improving the environmental performance of homes, cutting energy costs and improving citizens’ daily living conditions.

We are now participating in the new ‘Exoikonomo – Autonomo’ program, which is aimed at saving energy in residential properties and achieving energy autonomy for households. Through these and other actions, Piraeus Bank remains a key supporter of the effort to implement the National Plan for Energy and Climate.

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Green Home Improvement Loan for Green Renovations

The Green Home Improvement Loan finances interventions to upgrade the energy performance of your property and save water. Interventions also available to the building envelope (e.g. thermal-insulating window frames, roller shutters, etc.) & to the installation of energy-efficient electromechanical equipment (e.g. energy-efficient fireplace, heat pumps, etc.).

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Green Consumer loan for Green purchases, renovations and transport

With the goal of achieving a sustainable economy for a better tomorrow, Piraeus Bank designs and offers products that encourage consumers to adopt green solutions in their daily lives, saving energy and protecting the environment.

In this context, we offer the Green Consumer loan on preferential terms, enabling you to improve your home’s energy performance through green interventions, replacement of appliances with green ones and installation of photovoltaic units, saving both money and energy.

At the same time, we support “green transport” financing the purchase of bicycles/e-bicycles or electric scooters, improving your quality of life and doing even more to protect the environment.

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