piraeus financial holdings

9M.2022 Financial Performance at a Glance

#1 Bank in Greece in terms of market share in performing loans, deposits, footprint
5.7mn Customers in Greece
€0.28 Normalized EPS
9% NPE ratio, milestone achieved
9% Normalized return on TBV
16.8% Total capital ratio
€2.3bn Net performing loans growth, already beating annual target
€386mn Normalized operating profit
€816mn Net interest income, excluding income from NPEs, +11% yoy
366€mn Net fee income (incl. Rental Income) +18% yoy
€623mn Operating expenses (recurring) -4% yoy
47% Cost-to-core income ratio, broadly stable, despite the loss of NPE accruals
0.5% Cost of risk underlying, compared to 0.9% in 9M.21
-€1.6bn NPE reduction in 9M.22
192% Liquidity coverage ratio
63% Loan-to-deposit ratio