Announcement to the investment community

In response to a letter from the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, which was addressed to all issuers with securities listed for trading on the regulated market of the Athens Exchange, Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A. (‘’Piraeus’’) would like to inform the investment community that all information regarding the evolution of its operational activities and its financial fundamentals during the 3rd quarter of 2021 and cumulatively for the fiscal year 2021, taking into account the conditions and circumstances in force as at 18 November 2021, are available in the Consolidated Interim Financial Statements for the period ended on 30 September 2021 (“Interim Financial Statements”) and in the 9-month 2021 Results Press Release, which have been uploaded on the Piraeus website and specifically at the links|1 and|1, respectively.

It is pointed that, in Note 2.2 of the Interim Financial Statements, the potential impact of the pandemic as well as the energy crisis on the activities and prospects of Piraeus is described.

Athens, 30 November 2021