Press Release

Piraeus Bank announces a series of initiatives to help borrowers-customers who currently possess very low income due to the crisis. The Bank’s Management decided to proceed directly to a debt-relief or privileged debt restructuring programme addressed to financially weak customers, thus contributing to address the humanitarian crisis.


1. 100% relief of total debts up to €20,000, for all consumer loans and credit cards.

2. Payment freeze on mortgage loans and interest relief for as long as the beneficiaries are eligible under the provisions of the Law 4320/2015.

This Piraeus Bank programme is addressed to beneficiaries that are eligible under the Law 4320/2015, and meet the relevant income and assets requirements for inclusion under the specific Law. Information to the interested parties will be given by the c.800 branches of Piraeus Bank in Greece and at its site

The aforementioned Piraeus Bank intervention to address the humanitarian crisis, reflects the general mobilization of Bank to respond to the needs of the economy and Greek society through the changing conditions of the crisis, signalling our effort for a new beginning.

Athens, April 23, 2015