Announcement of Regulated Information in accordance with law 3556/2007: Number of voting rights and Share Capital

PIRAEUS FINANCIAL HOLDINGS SA (hereinafter “the Company”), in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 par.5 of Law 3556/2007, informs the investors, that, following the completion of the share capital increase realized as a result of the conversion of the total of the Contingent Convertible Securities (CoCos) to common registered voting shares of the Company, and the commencement of trading of said shares in the A.S.E. on 14.01.2021, the total voting rights of the Company now amount to 831,059,164 and the share capital amounts to €4,986,354,984 divided into 831,059,164 common registered voting shares of a nominal value of €6.00 each.

February 2nd, 2021