Piraeus Bank Debt Issuance Volume Capacity

To enhance its debt issuance volume capacity, diversify its investor base, and lengthen the maturity profile of its debt, the Piraeus Bank Group established a Euro Commercial Paper (ECP) Programme to issue short-term debt in 2003. To support the Group's growth, a Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) Programme was established to issue medium-to-long term debt in senior as well as subordinated format in 2004. Subordinated bonds as well as hybrid securities issued, on a stand-alone basis in 2004, serve to strengthen the Group's regulatory capital. Estia and Estia II, two resedential mortgage securitizations completed in 2005 and 2007 respectively were allocated to institutional investors and, since 2008, the Group has completed several more securitizations of its loan portfolio to enhance its liquidity profile.


Covered Bonds


Securitisation Summary Terms Offering Circular Investor Report
ΕSTIA (Called Back)
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ΕSTIAII (Called Back)
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