Main Executive, Administrative and other Committees and Councils

Corporate Responsibility Committee

The Committee consists of nine members chaired by Group CEO.

Members of the Committee are one Executive General Manager, one Advisor to the Management as well as other Top Management Executives of the Bank.

The Committee meets following an invitation by the Committee Chairman and among its duties is to assess and approve: the Group Corporate Responsibility policies and strategies (Environment, Society & Governance-ESG), which align its governance and business decisions to the Sustainable Development Targets and Paris Agreement on Climate, the application of Group’s values and the creation of a culture, which reinforces the employees’ role in the accomplishment of the Corporate Responsibility Principles, programs, collaborations, initiatives and financing instruments, which reduce the Group’s environmental footprint, promote civilization and strengthen social cohesion, actions, which enhance transparency, merit-based approach and responsibility and strengthen the Group’s extroversion as well to inform the BoD about the ESG issues.

Appeal Committee

The Committee consists of three members, executives of the Units Operation Quality Insurance, Loan Administration and Compliance. The Committee meets at least once every three months and its purpose is to investigate the borrowers’ appeals, regarding the terms and conditions of the Bank of Greece Code of Ethics (L. 4224/2013). The Committee’s duty is to judge with the proper independence the submitted appeals of customers, according to the existing Appeal Process established within the scope of the Code.

Macroeconomic Affairs Committee

The Macroeconomic Affairs Committee consists of five members, chaired by the Bank’s Senior Advisor for Development. Members of the Committee are Executive General Managers and a member of the Top Management Executives of the Bank. The Committee convenes on a monthly basis and its purpose is to analyze the Greek macro-economic conditions, and when necessary and relevant, other European and international developments. The Committee formulates the main conclusions of the analysis and discussions, and informs the BoD and appropriate units of the Bank.